Tuesday, January 22, 2008


So for you who weren’t aware, rather than making resolutions at the advent of a New Year, Aunt Sue gives the year a topic to work on. 2007 was the year of Service. Mom says that A. Sue was the most boring during her year of Responsibility. This year has two areas of opportunity: Consideration and Technology.

I was enlisted to help with the Technology part, so I drove over the mountain and through the woods to turn their kitchen into a veritable obstacle course with our laptops and corresponding power cords to spend some time helping set up A. Sue’s wireless on her hot new red laptop, going over AIM’s video chat (Uncle Mickey mentioned that if A. Sue’s going to be video chatting, it probably means he’s going to have to stay clothed more often), demonstrating her web-based email, and stringing together the beginnings of her blog!

And now for the unveiling . . . visit sueandmickey.blogspot.com. It’s merely the beginning, mi familia.

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