Sunday, December 9, 2007


Before going with “yay” on the move from Sin City
And after the cry and reel in self-pity
I made up a list of the cons and the pros
And one thing returned as I composed

The snow, the snow, the cold, horrid snow
If we choose to go North, it will add to my woe
That the white stuff will fall, in frigid, white piles
And add to my list of unwanted trials

When talking with folks who were already here
They all made it seem there was nothing to fear
“Oh sure” they all said, “Yes, it will snow!
But give it a day and away it will blow!”

We measured their statements and confirmed our decision
Trying our darndest to keep snow from the vision
And we packed up our stuff—it was then July
And we bid our lovely Las Vegas a for-now goodbye

For the first few months, Sparks was just peachy
The weather was warm, if not somewhat beachy
And then the fall came and with it the chill
But at the time, new boots and coats were a thrill

And then this last Friday without much of a warning
I peered out the window to a white, snowed-on morning
Not just a flurry or will-melt-soon fall
But a thick looking layer I wouldn’t call small

So I peered out my doorway, camera in palm
And snapped a quick photo before the much-talked of thaw
I wrapped in a scarf, donned a hat and a coat
And went out to jabber on the drugs I promote

At the end of my day, the snow was yet there
And was still the next morning despite all my prayers
And even now still, after one other day
The snow sits out there and won’t go away

So to all of the people, who proclaimed “It won’t stay!”
I say to you know, it’s still here today!
The stuff’s crunchy, not soft, and emanates cold
But unless you’re out in it, it’s . . . I admit, nice to behold.

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cat+tadd=sam said...

Mom and I voted your blog the #1 Lyrical Blog. It's perfectly lovely.