Sunday, December 23, 2007


This morning, before church, I was poking around Mark’s iPhoto and stumbled upon some old pictures I’d transferred there for storage. Some of the photos were sweet, some charming, some stupid, some scary, and some hilarious. This photo was a little of all five: Caitlyn’s the sweet. Haley’s most certainly the charming. I’m the stupid. Stephanie’s the scary. And Whitney, oh, Whitney, she’s the hilarious.

(Bottom, from L-R: Caitlyn, Stephanie (a friend of Whitney’s), Whitney (though you’d never be able to tell); Top: Haley, then me)

I have to say that I cannot, I mean really am unable to, look at this picture and not laugh. I scan through the faces, smile a bit, and then my eyes land on Whitney and I start giggling. It has to come from the fact that the camera somehow caught her at the most awkward moment of her life. She has never before and not since looked even a little bit like she does at that priceless moment we captured on film. (I think she might hire a hit man and give him my name and address when she sees that I not only still have this photo, but I had the audacity to post it on the Internet.)


whitneyingram said...

Go to hell.

Jaime Stephens said...

ha that picture rocks! And your dog is cute...