Saturday, September 22, 2007


September’s Actual Schedule:
Two Days: Elk Ridge, UT, pleasure
Three days: Las Vegas, NV, business
One Day: Roseville, CA, pleasure
Five Days: Las Vegas, NV, business
Five Days: Orlando, FL, business

All dates unaccounted for indicate time I spent at home in Sparks. That’s 14 days in Northern Nevada—less than 50% of September. What makes a girl cry is September’s schedule is not out of the norm. In fact, it is the norm, the standard, my paradigm. I don’t unpack my toiletry bag. More often than I care to admit, my suitcase sits in the corner of our bedroom, half unpacked, ready to be repacked, rolled to the Southwest Airlines counter (much to my chagrin; I can’t stand that in-air cattle car—if only another airline had a regular nonstop from Reno to Vegas), and lugged back into the Residence Inn I resided in a couple weeks earlier.

I have class passes at two yoga studios—one in downtown Reno and at It’s Yoga in Vegas. I have two storage units for my samples, etc. I keep a mat in my Vegas storage unit. Two lives in one.

Reality’s brutalities.

Part of what I do within the pharmaceutical industry includes planning, recruiting for, and executing speaker programs for the medical professionals I call on. After drafting doctors for the previous three weeks, I attended one such program during my most recent Vegas trip. My counterpart attended as well, and this is how happy Cabernet can make a person:

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Your hair looks amazing, obviously. Lovely color