Sunday, August 12, 2007


Leave it to me to leave my brand new, top-o-the-line, wasn’t-necessary-but-I-sure-did-want-it digital camera in my rental car in Las Vegas. I travel there every three weeks for work, thus doing the flying, car renting, hoteling thing is—or ought to be—old hat, yes? No. I found myself harried and scatterbrained in my quest for cooler weather (though by no more than 5 degrees), and while heading to check in for my flight, I stopped stiff in my path with realization that my camera was nicely nestled in the passenger seat of the Impala that had been my companion for the week.

Let’s hope the nice, nearly-fluent Mexican woman I spoke with at the National Car Rental counter was speaking correctly when she said that they’d located my camera and her manager would call me to get it sent my way. No phone call quite yet . . .

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cat+tadd=sam said...

I'm hurting inside for you! I feel sick! But...on the other hand, I'm really happy about my new clothes I bought today at Nordstrom, thanks to you!